Transaction Coordination

What is a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator?

“A Transaction Coordinator is the person responsible for managing and monitoring the transaction process once the contract to purchase a property has been signed through to the closing and receipt of recording numbers. Throughout the process they liaise with real estate professionals, their clients, mortgage lenders, escrow and title companies.

The Transaction Coordinator is responsible for ensuring all agreed deadlines and contingencies within the Purchase & Sale Contract are met.  They maintain a file both physical and digital for all documentation and communication that takes place during the transaction. They process information and perform clerical and administrative duties, including setting home inspection appointments and storing files within the Agent’s Transaction Management software. They follow up with mortgage lenders to confirm appraisals have been ordered and that the loan documents arrive at Escrow in a timely manner for closing the transaction.”

More and more agents are looking to use a Transaction Coordinator to alleviate themselves of the transaction monitoring process, which frees up their time to list and show more homes to clients.

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