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10 Ways to Impress an Appraiser

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Senior Businessman

The inspection contingency has been satisfied so the next step is to order the appraisal.

Your  Transaction Coordinator can prepare a packet of information for the Appraiser. This will help educate the Appraiser as to your listing’s value.

What to included:

1. Plats and surveys

2. Deeds for the property

3. HOA documents

4. Conditions Covenants & Regulations (CC&Rs) for the neighborhood

5. Floor plans & specifications

6. Information on the  neighborhood i.e. parks , nearby amenities

7. Provide comparables of similar homes

8. Detailed list of upgrades with dates and cost

9. Remodel costs with before & after photos

10.  Energy efficient green features

Clean up the yard as first impressions count when the Appraiser is pulling up in front of the house.  De-clutter the inside as it will make the rooms appear larger.  Also, don’t forget to remove any lingering odors.

Do not follow the Appraiser around or get in their personal space, leave them to do their job.

Want to know more?

National Association of Realtors A Guide to Understanding a Residential Appraisal”