Top Producer 8i® – Tips for Creating Automated Action Plans


As a Top Producer 8i Certified Trainer and Consultant I am asked numerous questions about this popular real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) but the  one question that comes up more than any other is “How do I set up my Action Plans?”. This is one of the most powerful features of Top Producer 8i, yet in my opinion one of the most underutilized.

We are consistently told that staying in touch with past clients, potential sellers, buyers and your sphere of influence is more cost effective than marketing to strangers. Using Top Producer 8i Action Plans is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this task. They remind you who to contact and when, either by calling, mailing, or emailing and once scheduled the task stays on your to do list for weeks, months and even years.

There are numerous customizable action plans to choose from.  However, customizing the plan involves going through each plan and deciding which tasks you would like to keep and which need to be deleted. Reading the pre-designed templates and changing them to suit your style ensures you will be happy to send them to your clients and prospects.

Yes it does require some organization to start off, but once done you can select a contact and apply the plan, which has been edited and is ready for your follow-up marketing strategy.

There are a library of plans to choose from in both English and Spanish. They cover virtually every scenario for prospecting or follow-up and can be delivered either by mail (letter) email or telephone. If you have your own follow up system this can also be incorporated into Top Producer 8i by setting up your own action plan from scratch.

There are two types of action plans:

Fixed Action Plan: Completion dates are based on a pre-determined amount of time after the start date of the plan. Activities continue to be scheduled even if you have not completed the previous one.

Cascading Action Plan: Completion dates for activities are based on the completion of a prior. This means that an activity can only be scheduled if the previous one has been completed.

When setting up your personal action plan:

1. You cannot edit the original pre-designed action plan so you will need to select the plan and then make a copy.  I recommend putting a * followed by your name at the beginning of your action plan name. This will put your plan at the top of the plans manager list, making it easier for you to find your personalized plan.

2. To help you remember the content of each plan use the same category and name as the pre-designed plan . You can of course modify the name if you wish to implement your own personal system. But make sure that you know what is contained in the plan and who the plan is intended for.

3. To save time and avoid having to create personal copies of each template that you change, select “Create new personal copies for templates used in this plan”. This will allow you to modify the template and save the template automatically.

4. Once saved you can go through each activity and either  edit or delete existing activities or add new activities to the plan.

5. Another time saving tip to find plans is to go to the Plans Manager on the top bar where there are  four categories to select from. By selecting personal this will take you to all your plans.

6. Preloaded action plan templates cannot be deleted. Only personal plans that have the delete icon can be removed from the system.  Just click the icon on the right and the plan will be removed.

7. It is important to remember that if a personal plan has been added to contacts in the database these activities will be in their contact information under activities.   Recommend performing a Mass Update to remove the plan activities first, then delete the plan. Do not delete any of the plan’s associated templates if you are keeping plan activities applied to contact.

I hope you found these Top Producer 8i tips helpful and if you have any questions or suggestions for a topic that you would like help with then please leave a comment below.  I will be posting more tips and hints to help you get the most out of this powerful real estate CRM so please check back on a regular basis or subscribe to my blog.

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