3 Tips on How to Use Pinterest Boards!


Have you sigPinterestned up for a Pinterest account? I know another social media site that is going to suck time out of your day. But you should be paying attention to this blistering hot new graphics based social media site. Why you ask, to help you grow and market your business.

There are countless ways to put Pinterest to work in marketing your business and below are three suggestions to get you started:

1. Focus on your customers and clients – before you ever create a board consider what are their dreams, interests, goals, values, and ideals. Make your pins relevant to your intended viewer.

2. Create a themed group board for your clients – if you have clients or prospects that are on Pinterest then Follow them and re-pin their pins to your board if they are relevant. Do not fall into the trap of re-pinning for the sake of it, be selective and let “relevancy” be your guide.

3. Focus on lifestyle – Create visually appealing boards that encourages people to share rather than always trying to sell to them.

The pins can be:

  • An eye-catching stunner
  • Visually gorgeous
  • Curiosity-arousing
  • Emotion-triggering
  • Uplifting
  • Shocking (but not negative or in violation of Pinterest’s guidelines, which of course you have read)

Note: Pinterest users seem to be drawn to “Uplifting”.

So do start sharing your Pins on Facebook and Twitter (particularly Facebook).

Make it a daily habit of Liking, Re-pinning and Commenting on other peoples’ relevant Pins and Pin Boards.

Happy Pinning!

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