Strategies for Planning a Successful Event


Today’s Guest Blogger is Dianne McDonald who specializes in Event Planning.  Here are 10 tips to make your bash go fabulously:

Whether you are a seasoned Event Planner or planning an event for the first time, the strategies needed to make your event memorable and profitable are much the same and extremely important.  There is no doubt that a successful event requires a large amount of planning plus a great deal of commitment to achieve the ultimate goal: Having a Great Event people will remember and talk about long after the event has passed.

The ultimate reward of a successful event leads to more knowledge, more business, and most likely more people eager to work with you on the next function.

Now…there are many different types of events.  Corporate events could be a meeting involving a few executives, a ‘thank you’ event for several treasured clients, an awards ceremony for dedicated employees, a very large conference or even a trade-show.

Personal events could be celebrating a birthday party, anniversary, showers for brides or new babies, and weddings.  Some events may be one-time productions or even once a year celebrations that people anticipate and plan for.

Here are my 10 Strategies for Success:

1. Be honest and upfront with the company or host.  If you are being considered to hire to organize the event, the business or family have already determined that the event is important enough to warrant the expense and time necessary to make it a success. Once you have gathered all the information of what they are expecting, do not be afraid to tell them right away if this is above your head.

2. Involve volunteers. If you have been assigned a team to work with you by the company or family, let them help.  It is only fair if they are giving their time, that they be involved in some way.  There are always many tasks to do so delegate.

3. Prepare an expense budget. Prepare a list of what will be needed from venue, food, refreshments, décor, door prizes, gratuities etc.

4. Have a signed contract. If you have been selected to run the event, discuss the budget with the “powers that be’ and have them sign a contract that both parties have agreed upon.

5. Prepare a To Do List.  List everything you can think of that will be needed.  If you have planned many events you no doubt have a template to work from.

6. Don’t delay. Even if the event is months away, there are always tasks that must be taken care of in advance such as booking a venue, entertainment, caterer etc.  Ensure you have signed contracts with each vendor listing the date, time and particulars of what they are to provide.

7. Delegate. Assign tasks to your volunteers well in advance so they know what is expected of them and can get started.  Make sure your volunteers have your contact information so they can reach you with questions or concerns.

8. Arrive early.  It is good policy to arrive well before the start of the event to check that everything is ready and they way it should be.  This extra time will allow for any last minute details to be taken care of.  If you are not a guest at the event, make sure you are dressed professionally and stay until the host arrives and gives their approval of your work.

9. After the event. Always arrange a review meeting with the host and volunteers after the event for feedback.  What worked well, what didn’t, what would you do differently the next time.

10. Thank you. ALWAYS send a thank you note or gift to your host and volunteers.  This thoughtfulness will keep you top-of-mind for future events.

I personally invite you to my blog area, as I would love to hear your comments and connect with you!  Please introduce and I will be pleased to respond.  Check back often for my ‘Latest Tips’ on tasks in the VA industry and working with different niches!

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