Real Estate Agents: 7 Ideas For Using Video


Today’s Guest Blogger is Janet Patten who specializes in video.  Here are 7 tips on how to use video:

A golden opportunity for real estate agents is to create videos to market and promote their business and to showcase listings. Agents may wonder – what should I make my video about? Here is a list of 6 types of video that would be great for a real estate business.

1. Slideshow- Choose your best photos and arrange them into a slideshow. Add some background music and your video is ready to go. The photos could be of your listings, show you doing various real estate tasks, or be a general piece about a neighborhood, town or city. You can create this in PowerPoint, software provided on your computer or you can use the free or paid service at Animoto.

2. Text based video- Start with PowerPoint text slides to create a text slideshow. With this method you can showcase features of your business, add voice and/or background music. Add PowerPoint animations and transitions and you will have a visually stimulating slide show using just text. Keep it simple though and don’t put too much on your slides. You can also download a program called Jing that will allow you to record your screen and talk.

3. Demo Videos- This format works well for answering customer questions. “How To” or “Tips” would  work well. Identify what your customers ask most frequently and create a video that answers those questions.

4. Tour- Consider creating a tour video of your properties. Using a camcorder or your smartphone with video, simply walk through the property and comment on the features. This works well for real estate agents and it will give a simulation of an actual showing.

5. The Interview- Your business success depends a lot on your brand and credibility. Someone can be hired to interview you and shoot your responses. Talk about your philosophy on real estate, your background, your unique qualities and how well you know your area. You can add personal details and other information that you think would appeal to your potential customers.

6. Client Testimonials- Contact some of your satisfied customers and ask them if they would be willing to shoot a short testimonial on video. You can shoot this with a flip camera or smartphone. You can record 30 second videos for each client. Then pick the best testimonials to create a 2-3 minute video collage.

7. Post the Videos- After you have completed your videos, you can add them to your website, social media sites and send the links in your email promotions. Video can give you the edge in today’s competitive real estate market.

Janet Patten is a Virtual Marketing Assistant specializing in video and also offers local marketing solutions. Visit her website at:



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