Do I Really Need Social Media In My Business?


I am pleased to feature Kim Letendre founder of KAZ Works LLC, as today’s Guest Blogger.

The quick answer:  NO.     Yes, I’ll be unpopular with this response, but in all honesty, I’ve set up social media for businesses that wanted it and it has done them absolutely no good.  That was partially my fault.  Even though I stressed the importance of being involved in the daily use of social media, I didn’t insist that they sign a contract for continued maintenance.  I basically filled their request – to build the page and the following.  I let them believe they knew what they were talking about.

Now, I will not even consider setting up a social media presence for a business unless there is a plan in place for continued maintenance for at least a one year period – with assessments occurring every two months so we can tweak and adjust the plan.

No – your entire target market will not find you through your Facebook page.  But some of them will.  And when it comes to social media – it’s only a “piece” of your marketing strategy.  It doesn’t replace what you have and what is working

Now you may be surprised to know some of the businesses that are on Facebook and are quite successful.  They have built trusting environments, provided information to their target market, and have become a great source of community.  The market I’m talking about:  Funeral Homes.

No kidding . . . . Obituaries appear in the local newspaper and then possibly they are in the online version of that same paper.  But how often do you check that news source if you have moved across country – or even to the next state.  In fact, I know my sister religiously checks our local Fosters Daily Democrat for the obits – she checks them every morning.  Morbid curiosity?  Maybe.  But someone has to let the family members know what is going on with distant relatives and friends.  My sister happens to be the one who has delegated herself to that position.  Fine with me.

So, forward thinking funeral parlors have created a presence on Facebook.  Check out Pray Funeral Home in Charlotte Michigan.  They have 977 fans and they have a whole page about what you should and shouldn’t say to the family, why you need a funeral director, etc.  The FB pages then can have links back to the original obituaries as well as a guest book.  This avenue makes it easy for the family members and friends to share photos, memories, and comment on crazy things that happened in the family when they were little.  It makes the whole process a lot more real – and easier to accept.

So the next time you wonder if your business should have a Facebook page . . . . think about the people you serve – and ask yourself if you could provide information in a more relaxed format.  Interject some surveys and comedy and create a great information-sharing community.  Remember – it’s “Social” – which means you are creating and building relationships – not selling.

Selling comes naturally when you do social media right.

Kim Letendre is founder of KAZ Works, LLC, an independent marketing firm specializing in online marketing strategies.  Kim is devoted to helping small companies discover the marketing tools that best fit their personality and business model.  She helps strategize and then implement the full marketing plan.  Grab a copy of her free Marketing Pie Blueprint at to get more information on the pieces of the marketing pie available and how to strategically use them.  Or Call her for a ‘get acquainted’ session at 603-617-2535.

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