Facebook Have Made Some Changes!


With effect from March 11th Facebook will implement some new changes that will impact on your Facebook profile.  I have received a lot of questions regarding the changes so thought I would give a brief summary so that you know what is coming….

So starting at the top:

Photos at the top of your page:

If you have uploaded photos to your page then the most recent will appear at the top of your page.  People who have liked your page will not appear only photos that you have added to your photo gallery

Use Facebook as your Page:

You will be able to post on other Facebook pages as either yourself or your Business Page.  This is a great new feature that they have introduced especially for those people who want to keep their personal and business profiles separate.

Notification by email:

You can now opt to receive notification by email when people comment or post on your Page.  This is a great feature to help you interact with your Fans and Friends.  It will allow you to never miss a comment left on your Wall!

Profile picture size:

The size for your Profile picture has now been changed from 200×600 to 180×540.

Wall filters:

Pages will have two publicly visible wall filters – “Everyone” and “Posts by Page”.  As a Page Admin you will also be able to view additional filters “Most Recent” and “Hidden Posts”


The content that you formerly accessed by clicking the tabs at the top of your page is now located in the column below your page profile picture.  The text that used to appear in the box underneath your page profile picture can now be found in the info tab.

Mutual Connections

When visitors come to your page they will be able to view friends that also like your page, which will add to your Page’s credibility.

Static FBML app

After March 11th Facebook page owners will no longer be able to add this app.  However, if you already have custom FBML tabs then you will be able to edit these tabs after March 11th.  Facebook is recommending page owners make the switch to IFrames, it is not clear yet if Facebook will continue to allow the FBML custom tables.  It is a wait and see situation….

I like a lot of people enjoy the Facebook and the social media experience of connecting with friends, family and business colleagues.  Facebook is a fast moving changing environment and I am sure these will not be the last changes that Facebook will make.

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