Are you running your business like a business?


If you were once in corporate America then you probably worked in a team environment.  You had administrative support and a marketing department which allowed you to go out and meet clients to promote the companies services and products.  This made you and the company successful as year on year the company grew and your sales target was met or surpassed.  It was maybe one of the reasons you decided to go into real estate because you were a great salesperson and wanted to help people buy and sale real estate.

So why I ask do a large number of real estate professionals decide to be their own Real Estate Assistant?  Is it because:A.  You like to be in control

B.  Finances

C.  You love to do the paperwork

You are still in control. It is not cost effective for you to sit in the office and enter names in a database, add a listing to the MLS, design a flyer or chase documentation for closing. You should be overseeing the work, not actually doing it!

How are you going to grow your business if you are sat in the office.  You need to be talking with past, current and future clients.  The more people you are in touch with the closer you get to meeting your financial goals.

I have yet to meet a salesperson who loves to do the paperwork.  They would rather be out meeting people and doing what they love to do which is sell.

If you are going to continue to grow your real estate business then you need a good support team.  So sit down and look at your business and decide what you can pass over to a real estate Assistant. This can mean either hiring a real estate Assistant or using an online real estate Assistant to allow you to get out of the office and be the Rainmaker.

I can do everything that an in-house assistant can do, except bring you your morning cup of tea!

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