Virtual Assistant For All Your Administrative Needs

Looking for a top-notch Transaction Coordinator to offload those pressing administrative tasks?  Just count on me, Sharon Senger, The British Virtual Assistant.  I’m the professional that Seattle-area Real Estate Agents turn to for Transaction Management.

My specialty is helping busy real estate agents  keep their ducks in a row.  I love to handle all those beastly transaction administrative tasks that you simply don’t have time for or would rather leave for someone else to tackle.

I offer a complete Transaction Management service managing all your transaction coordination tasks.

Working Virtually, Yet Local To Seattle

What makes a virtual assistant “virtual”?  Quite simply, I do anything an in-house transaction coordinator can do, but I work from my office instead of yours.  But rest assured, while I bring a good dose of British flavor to my work, I’m still local to Greater Seattle and available to meet you face-to-face.

Here’s a smashing idea- let’s have a chat over a lovely cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer).  We’ll determine your administrative needs and how The British Virtual Assistant can capably assist your business.  I think you’ll find the results positively brilliant!

Remember, The British Virtual Assistant can do everything that an in-house assistant can do, except bring you your morning cup of tea!